On Education Research

Welcome to my blog. Over the past five years, since I joined the faculty at USC Rossier, I’ve started and stopped the creating-a-blog process probably a half-dozen times. Mostly, I’ve worried that I wouldn’t have anything interesting to add to the seemingly saturated edu-blogosphere. I’ve also thought that I probably didn’t have enough time to make a meaningful contribution.

But I’ve finally decided to give it a go. It may be a short-lived foray, or it may become a permanent fixture of my academic life, who knows? I think I have some things that are worth saying in a form longer than 140 characters, and I haven’t yet had anywhere to say them. So that’s what purpose this will serve.

As I currently see it, I expect this blog will have several main foci:

  • Chronicling my own academic experience on both the personal and professional sides;
  • Commenting on other edu-bloggers and education journalism (and perhaps even Twitter punditry);
  • Highlighting new research of import, particularly research that I feel isn’t being adequately recognized; and
  • Batting around new ideas about research and current events in education policy.

My hope is that this can become both a useful outlet for me and also a place that people go to read things that they aren’t reading elsewhere. I appreciate your stopping by, and I look forward to the discussion.



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