Recruiting teachers!


I’m looking to recruit a few teachers (9, specifically) to participate in a study to test survey measures of teachers’ instruction for use in a large national study of standards implementation.
Teachers who participate in the work will be asked to do three things:
  1. Complete a bi-weekly (every other week) log survey describing their instruction in either mathematics or ELA over the course of the spring semester in a target class. The first log will be in either the last week of January or the first week of February. All logs will be online. We expect the first log will take 45 minutes to an hour, but that teachers will get more efficient at completing the logs as they go through the study.
  2. Complete a year-end online survey asking similar questions to the weekly log. This will be done at the end of the school year, likely in June.
  3. Turn in 2 weeks work of (blank) assignments and assessments that are given to students in the target class at any point during the spring semester.
For participating in this activity, we will provide each teacher with a $325 e-gift card. Please note that all work should be done outside teachers’ regular work hours.
The only eligibility requirements are:
  1. Teach a mathematics or ELA class in grades K-12.
  2. Work in a public (including charter) or private school that does not require separate research approval.
If you are interested in participating, please email me at my last name at Please share widely!

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